It's HERE!!!

And here we are! Finally we made it! We have jumped into 2017 with renewed energy and a new forum and website! It took some time to prepare all of this, but it is very well worth it! We stepped up our working schedule and also prepared a Discord server for you! I must say the we are now firing on all cylinders but there were moments of strain to place all of this together. Fortunately evrybody stuck to their guns and i am really grateful to my team mate to have the nerve to put up with me and still have the patience to work silently the on the background and pull the stings of the server administration. I am sure that he also believes that the reward is far more greater than the hassle we had with it! :D

For now it's time to engage the drive and press on! Warp speed Mr. Sulu!

Push on!

It's time for a final push to get the website going! In between of learning how to work with photo editing software, creating content as copywriter and watching the ELEAGUE CS:GO major, things have to be done and have to be in place. Fortunately i believe that we sill have a good result coming soon and the community will be ready for expansion. Some things will change and it will be all for the best! Let's get the party started!

Are we really doing this?

Finally it seems that we have rallied the efforts to place a website running properly, and a good display of our commitment to the community. I hope that our growth can start in this year of 2017 as i expect good times ahead for the gaming community in general. Being a small (tiny) pod in the stream of million of gamers worldwide sometimes makes me feel kinda small but all great things had humble beginnings i think! Let's keep this wishful thinking running! We have been kinda busy lately trying to put some more things together for all of us. Rushing to the finish line is just the beginning of this marathon! Let's rock!

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