So here we are!

So, here we are! Finally established and running with a team of streamers and dedicated admins, but i feel that there is still too much work for too little people. Sure it's fine to slowly update the channels and the website once in a while but i believe that we can do more, and better. Where to find the motivation though? It's hard to completely dedicate our work to the community when you have your own personal and professional life before the rest.

 Don't get me wrong, i have nothing but respect and admiration for our community members that dedicate some of their personal time to help out nurturing the Genesis family, but i believe we can do more. Not only we would like to get out there a bit more, but also continue to create content and keep you updated with news that we think are relevent to the gaming world nowadays. Maybe this is a cry to rally the troops or to reach out to new members and partners, maybe it's just me venting off some stream because of the numbness i have grown into lately. The plain truth is that we need to continue to grow, develop our skill set, show ourselves to the world and say: "Step right in, here's a meeting point for all gamers to unite or here's a space to share your thoughts".

It's time to pick up the slack and keep on rockin! Let's rock Genesis Unity Gaming!

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