Is it really worth it?

It's incredible that we still have these discussions nowadays and that are still coders that spend their time preparing these apps. It's even more incredible that several companies try to enforce a REAL solution, while others just seem to not care at all about the state of the community and their own game. Yeah im really talking about cheating!!

 I have no problem in exposing what these companies are called and question their practices and let's set into Valve's shoes for instance. While Dota2 still makes huge profit and can make tournaments with prize pools up to 20(!) million dollars, making a huge profit revenue with their online platform Steam and keep selling CS GO accounts making profit out of the skins that they created making a perfect market out of thin air... why would they actually invest some money in creating a anti cheat system that actually works? Is their R&D team so inept that they cannot track this? Or... will they put huge profitable sites and companies down like FaceIt or ESEA?

In the meantime the community cries in despair about these issues, making the players less cooperative and increasingly irritated over time until the game becomes a huge cess pool of toxicity. Curiously trhere's several data that shows that the player base of CS GO is still increasing.

But let's try to look at this at a psychological level... why use cheats? The concept itself should be self explanatory and reasonable enough to make people uunderstand that they are above everything else, cheating themselves. Does this give a position of power and status? Is it something that you would lose your carrer as a pro gamer for? But if we go deeper is this worth to lose your integrity and honesty for? 

I understand that many of you are going to say but what about single player games that don't bother anyone... well to those i ask: Why dont you challenge yourself to beat the game first? At least it will be small victory and an achieved goal. And for me life is not about success it's about the road to get there and if i fail at least ai lived as an honest man...

Might really seem too much fuss about nothing but i believe that there's more to it than just a simple harmful game, i believe it may turn out to be a way of life...and i just cant keep silent about that because gaming is supposed to bring the best out of us, not the worst.



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