Leave the Salt behind!!

It's a trend, it's a meme, it's new wave. The salt is real!

For those who do not know that the "salt" is let me help you! It's a mixture of complaining excessively about RNG (random number generator inside the games), or just being toxic (obnoxious behaviour vocally, on the chat or inside the game in general), throwing a game just because you don't like your teammates, bullying other online (calling others noobs). All of this online behaviour seems to be a daily routine now wherever and whichever site you visit or game you play. I have seen countless reveiws from several games such as CS:GO or DOTA2, League of Legends and others stating that the game became unplayable because of such bahaviour.

Unfortunately the problem runs deeper than that. It starts in your own home, it starts with yourself. Take a moment to think about it, how many times have you played an online game and just felt that your opponent is inferior and you feel like you are wasting your time. Maybe you think it's somebody's fault that you are wasting time and maybe you don't realize that on the other end there is actually someone who is not as skilled as you and would like to improve! This same thing goes for teammates aswell. And you start to feel angry or disappointed and you start to let your rage pour out into the chat or through the voice comms making everybody feeling unconfortable. Maybe you wonder why you don't have fun anymore when you play, or some of your mates now refuse to play with you.

Of course being at the confort of your own home allows you to say whatever you want because you will not face any immediate consequences, because let's face it, most probably you would not insult somebody in the middle of the street without expecting some form of retaliation! Doesn't that make you kind of a coward?

Well fortunately games have mute buttons, and you don't have to interact with someone or play a certain game if you dont want to. That's why we created this community, because we don't like or tolerate that behaviour... sure everybody can have a bad day but just simply DON'T BE A DOUCHE OR BECOME ONE!

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