Community Games

At Genesis our gaming goes beyond our hosted games an in our shpere there are other games where we spend and share our time as gamers! Our gaming areas are quite extended as we have members that play MOBA's, FPS, Simulations, Card Games and most probabaly any type of game that ever existed! We take pride in our gaming roots as well as our furture connections and endeavours. Have you found a game to your liking? Maybe we have several members that share your passion in that game! As a complement you can always leave your suggestions and ideas in the forum where we have the majority of the information of our community! Welcome!

The games we play

H1Z1 - King of the KillPath of ExileLeague of LegendsOverwatchFortnitePlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsRocket LeagueGuild Wars 2Hearthstone
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