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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a game that was launched at the 28th de August of 2012, and has been growing since then. It's a game that we have been playing for almost 4 years and everytime there's always something new to do or to achieve.

In the first years it of it's release it was a full paid title but nowadays the game is free to play with a few restrictions here and there that can be solved by buying the Heart of thorns expansion. Or, you can also wait until 22nd of September to buy the new expansion called Path of Fire, but then you will be missing the Heart of Thorns storyline. There are several microtransactions that enable you to play several episodes of the game but the main story is free to play. The beauty of it is that you can change ingame money for the gems of the micro transactions and pay to unlock whatever you decide.

Its not a pay to win title, with a great gameplay and mechanics, the music its beatifull and the graphics speak for themselves, with one of the best communities the gaming scene, where players truly help players and that is simply awesome.

The game has 5 races that you can choose from for your character, each one now as 2 mastery traits to choose from and create your own build to play the game in PVE, PVP and World vs World. Each race has his story built into the main storyline and plot of the game.

Cheers and enjoy this MMO such as we do! Just install and see for yourself the great world of Tyria and find us on it.

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