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H1Z1 - King of the Kill

Daybreak Games took a stab the the horror genre in a unique way. H1Z1 King of the Kill is a PVP multiplayer game that has it's scenario in a zombie infested region where you have to be fast, fast, fast in order to loot and be prepared for the the massive battle you will face against more than 100 other player on average each game! Within this mode you can go solo, two man team or five man team, but make no mistake it's not because you go with 4 teammates that things are going to be much easier!

There are numerous streamers that have dedicated their hours to mastering this game and have not yet reached stardom because this game is incredibly demanding.

There is also another version of H1Z1 which is dedicated to survival only which is called H1Z1 - Just Survive. In this mode you can choose your server through a range of options like PVE only, PVP, Restricted Area building or Headshot only! Sure that King of the Kill has faster matches, the longevity of Just Survive is entirely up to you because things can get really grim quite fast with hordes of zombies chasing you to oblivion. Take the Z test and see how you fare!


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