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Blizzard usually makes things right and Hearthstone (formerly Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft) is a gome done right. Going into a type of game such as a card game that was uncommon for Blizzard development, they soon realized the potential of it because of the lore of their award winning MMORPG World of Warcraft.Hearthstone is "supposed" to be a card game inside WoW that had it's place in the inns and taverns of Azeroth, which places a player against another player on a "table set" with a hero class and a deck of 30 cards composed of class cards and neutral cards.

Furthermore, this is a free to play game in which every single card or adventure can be bought with the ingame gold earned by the daily quests. There are several types of game modes such as Casual, Ranked, Solo adventure where you practice against the Innkeeper or where you can play against the AI in the adventures, there is also an Arena where you pay gold to enter and dreft your own deck but if you make it to 12 wins the rewards are far greater than the entry fee and lastly a Tavern Brawl which is different every week (it's own set of rules) and can be against AI or agains other players.

Having a different mechanic than Magic the Gathering, this game has been in development since it's release and we expect to be played for many years to come! Want to go for a duel?


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H1Z1 - King of the KillRocket LeagueFortnitePath of ExilePlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsOverwatchHearthstoneLeague of LegendsGuild Wars 2
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