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It's time to speak about the FPS monster that Blizzard has created: Overwatch! As stated before, Blizzard leaves very little to chance and this game is a thing of beauty and brilliance. While trying to fight Valve's Counter Strike: Global Offensive for the ultimate FPS title, the game just rised up from the discontent of the lack of support of CS:GO and its "toxic" community which is still full of cheaters until today. Capitalizing on a more relaxed and fluid gameplay, dozens of heroes with unique abilities - which make the game incredibly balanced - and colourful map designs, Blizzard suddenly realized that they have struck gold!

All characters already start unlocked, and you have several game modes inside arcade, casual and ranked play. Regarding the characters or champions you will have them divided into four major groups - Support, Tank, Offensive Dps and Defensive DPS - with some special abilities being quite surprising. About every two weeks there is an updated game mode, and not only that you can gain experience to level up your profile and earn some boxes that can have several items such as: Skins, Emotes, Victory poses or even grafittis!

Overwatch has reached also a e-sport status with some tournaments starting to gain popularity and momentum with some of them reaching already 100k$ prize pool and certainly more is yet to come! They have just reached the 25 million player mark and won several awards of the gaming industry! It's up to you to follow the first steps of what can be one of the most played FPS of all time!


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