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Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a true gem in the Free to Play world. Let me tell you, "sure it has his microtransactions online!" but they are purely aestethical! There is no pay to win int his game, and that, is what i call "the recipe for success" my friends!

 Made by Grinding Gear Games, this is what many people wanted to see as the successor of Diablo II by Blizzard but it became Path of Exile instead. And how luckily so for us! Even though it is quite similar to isometric RPG titles like Titan Fall or the aforementioned Diablo, it still has a very nice polished look, good ingame mechanics and good score and sound.

The story seems to be quite straightforward but played in simple, non intrusive way. I would like to highlight the narrations and NPC dialogue which certainly saw several hours of work before the final product. THe buy/sell ingame market is truly interesting by not having any type of currency other than orbs and scrolls. The attack skills come from the socketed items while the trait skill is enourmous and quite flexible to accomodate your style of play.

It has constant updates and expansions, it has great steam reviews and still brings the attention of many streamers to its cause.


All this for free? What's there not to love about it? No, it's not a scam it's just the Path of Exile.

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