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Rocket League

Who ever thought that playing football with cars in a video game could be so much fun?!?! Well the guys Psyonix have though so and thank god they did! This game has risen to a star status in popularity very fast and it has it's own league as an competitive e-sport. Above that Rocket League as received tons of awards and praise from gaming communities and magazines. The idea behind is so simple that is amazing, a team of from 2 to 8 players divided into two teams in their vehicles try to score goals into a massive goal inside a huge domelike stadium, then let's put some speed power ups in the middle of the field and let them battle it out!

There is Casual and Ranked play, your own Garage for the vehicles you will unlock or purchase in the DLC's available. The gameplay is the major strength of this game because it is fast to master the basics of the game and make yourself a competitive threat. Some players can actually "fly" as one of the most awesome manouvers that you can do ingame. It is definitively one of the most enjoyable games to play with your mates and it never gets boring! Put into high gear my friends because you're in for a ride!



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