The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

It has been a while that Blizzard released their expansion pack for Hearthstone called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan but we did not want to miss out on the subject by giving you little piece of the action right here on our website.

In summary a total of 132 new cards have been released and are now included in the standard format of Hearthstone ranked gaming. The cards have been slightly divided into several tri-class cards and divided into "gangs" as you will see in the trailer below, such as "The Grimy Goons" with cards that can be played by Paladin, Warrior and Hunter or "The Kabal" for the casting classes like Mage, Warlock or Priest and finally "The Jade Lotus" for the remaining Druid, Shaman, and Rogue classes. A better description of each "gang"can be found here in Blizzards website and the full card list here in the magnificent Gamepedia's Hearthstone page!

So far this expansion has brought a real shake in the meta recently but there are still some classes like Shaman that still rule the ranked ladder. Other classes like Priest have seen some improvements and are now more competitive but what has been really demolishing are the Pirate and Jade decks lately.

Why dont you try it for yourself? Hearthstone is a free to play game and all cards can be obtainable through some grind in the game. But beware long battles await you!




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