Q&A with Hearthstone Developers

It is true! Ben Brode (Game Director) and Dean Ayala (Game Designer) have done a Q&A session through their Twitch channel the past 13th of January where several communiy concerns were addressed and answered.

On the videos section you can find the full video which is roughly about 1 and 15 minutes long. If you would like to see a summarized version of the video Youtuber ZeroMana has done great job cutting the clutter and sticking to basics in a 10 minute video here. The focus of this Q&A was divided among several issues such as: new player experience like redirecting players from casual mode, arena modifications as to reduce the number of basic or neutral cards drafted through the deck building process or ranked ladder modification where they will try to improve on the matchmaking so that players that reach the level 20 can be matched with players of the same experience. There was also discussion about the current meta which has been dominated by Pirate decks lately and steps to reduce that.

All in all it is a recommendable Q&A if you are a fan of Hearthstone and likes to be on the loop of things!

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