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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be “continuously updated” with “several large free DLCs”

With Iceborne, the first major expansion for Capcom’s ARPG Monster Hunter World, on the way, players are no doubt keen to know just exactly what it’ll bring to the game. We already know that it’ll feature an arctic ecosystem, with a map that will rival the size of the base game, plus of course new monsters to master and a raft other new content.

Now, it looks like it’ll also feature several big pieces of DLC of its own – and they’ll be free.

In an interview with Gamersky (translated using Google) at 2019’s Hong Kong animation videogame festival, Monster Hunter series producer Sakamoto Ryusan and executive director Kaname Fujioka were asked about DLC plans for the game.

They said “the content update of Monster Hunter: World itself is now over, which means that there will be no new content in the future.”

However, “the new content update method of “Ice[borne]” will be the same as the main body, and the content will be continuously updated through several large free DLCs.” As you might expect, it looks like subsequent updates will continue to add new monsters for you to tackle – “yes, new monsters will be added later in the updated way.”

What these free DLC updates will include exactly is still a bit of a mystery for now, and it looks like the devs won’t be revealing all just yet – when asked about whether we’ll see other dragons not yet in the game, the devs seemed to suggest that they had more to disclose about future monsters later on.

Capcom’s new trademark could hint at the future of Monster Hunter: World

If you’re keen to get up to speed on what the expansion will hold, check out our write-up of all the latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne details, and get ready for the PC release, which will hopefully happen this winter

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