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Hot Games of February

February is here and we got a few good games coming our way

Here is a list of the games that we are really waiting to see .

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No doubt about it: video games are bigger than ever. In 2017, the American game industry grew by a whopping 18%. And thanks to popular devices like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and pretty much every mobile phone on the planet, things aren't going to slow down any time soon. For gaming fans, 2018 should be great. With a number of high-profile titles slated to come out right before the turn of the decade, 2019 might be even better. These games might be a ways off, but don't let that stop you from getting excited. If even half of them deliver, 2019 is going to be one heck of a year.


Resident Evil 2 - Jan. 25


It's been a while since Resident Evil fans have been to Raccoon City and they're eager to go back — even with all of those zombies. On Jan. 25, old friends Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield return to the city that made them famous in Resident Evil 2, a current-generation remake of one of the all-time best Resident Evil games.

Like before, Resident Evil 2 breaks the action into two separate but connected campaigns, but this isn't the same game that scared you silly back on the PS1. The frustrating and stiff tank controls are gone, replaced by a modern over-the-shoulder camera, and enemies are tougher than before. Additionally, while the original game's special effects were limited by the PlayStation 1's CPU, the new iteration uses modern technology to deliver some of the most realistic gore ever seen in a video game. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Kingdom Hearts III - Jan. 25

Yes, it's true. Kingdom Hearts III is coming. It even has a release date: Jan. 25. That's a long time after Kingdom Hearts II — 4,786 days, in fact, although who's counting? — but Square Enix is doing everything it can to assure fans that it'll be worth the wait. Just look at those trailers.

Naturally, series stars Sora, Goofy, and Donald are all returning, as are some of the series' most beloved worlds, including Hercules' Greece and Pirates of the Caribbean's open seas. There's more than a little modern Disney in the game, too. The latest Kingdom Hearts adventure includes levels based on Frozen, Tangled, and Big Hero 6, as well as Pixar joints like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. Kingdom Hearts III also features the final showdown between Sora and series big-bad Xehanort, as well as at least one big surprise. In short? This action-RPG has something for everyone.

Metro: Exodus - Feb. 15

If you missed Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, you've got until 2019 to catch up. Make sure that you do. The first two games based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's brutal post-apocalyptic novels might've been plagued by glitches and poor AI, but their strengths — the compelling combination of first-person shooting and stealth-based challenges, the well-realized survival elements, and the environments that simply ooze atmosphere — more than make up for a few weaknesses. Besides, Metro's story is great. You'll want to know what's happening before you see what Exodus has in store.

And you'll definitely want to pick up Metro: Exodus, at least if the game's pre-release materials are telling the truth. For one, you're no longer confined to the subway tunnels. With Exodus, the Metro series is going semi-open world with levels 10 times bigger than those found in Last Light. Every stage will offers hours worth of things to do — if you can manage to survive, of course. In Metro: Exodus, you'll need to carefully manage your supplies, craft your own weapons, and be very, very careful if you want to survive a full year in the Russian nuclear winter.

As per series tradition, radioactive mutants will return, but really, it's Metro's world that has us jazzed. A dynamic weather system and real-time day-to-night cycle look like they'll help make Metro: Exodus one of the most convincing post-apocalyptic settings of all time. It's everything you loved about Metro before. You'll just have more freedom to do what you want. A whole lot more.

Metro: Exodus arrives on Feb. 15, 2019.


Crackdown 3 - Feb. 15

Crackdown 3 might've missed 2018, but Feb. 15 isn't too far off. That's a good thing, too, because it's been way too long since a Crackdown game graced our Xbox consoles. As per series tradition, Crackdown 3 centers on a crime-infested city that's just begging for someone to step in and clean it up. That's your job. Crackdown 3 will see you toppling crime organizations by offing their leaders and dismantling their operations. If your character becomes more powerful in the process? Even better.

This time, though, crime bosses won't take your assaults lying down. Thanks to Crackdown 3's dynamic "Gangs Bite Back" system, enemies will send out strike teams to take you out, or fortify besieged buildings to keep you at bay. As a result, everyone's time with Crackdown 3 will be different. We might all be playing the same game, but your version of New Providence will be yours and yours alone. Very cool.


Anthem - Feb. 22

When it comes to Anthem, there's some good news, and there's some bad news. On the plus side, after Mass Effect: Andromeda failed to wow critics or players, BioWare is going all-in on its upcoming Destiny-like shooter. On the other, that means the game has been delayed until 2019, and BioWare's got a lot riding on it. Rumors suggest that if Anthem doesn't deliver, BioWare as we know it may cease to exist.

That's a lot of pressure, especially for a studio best known for role-playing games, not loot-based shooters. Still, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic. Anthem will pit players, known as Freelancers, against giant both monsters and also "world-altering" natural threats like so-called Shaper Storms. Players' super-suits, also called Javelins, will be upgradable, and come in a number of different styles that dictate characters' classes.

There's room for a good multiplayer shared-world shooter, too, given that The Division lost most of its players shortly after launch and that Destiny 2 is suffering from its own set of problems. Anthem is far from a sure thing, but BioWare is committed to the franchise long-term, and despite some recent disappointments they've delivered the goods before. Cross your fingers, and hope for the best.


Devil May Cry 5 - March 8

And with that, Devil May Cry goes back to the basics. Unlike Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry, which rebooted everything, Devil May Cry 5 is a "true sequel" that follows the events of Devil May Cry 4, and there are a bunch of good reasons for fans of Capcom's hack n' slash adventure series to get excited.

For one, the game stars Nero, Devil May Cry 4's lead, as well as Dante, the hero who kicked everything off, and a third character. For another, Nero now cruises around in a van, from which he runs a demon-hunting operation with help from a new mechanical hand. That's just plain cool. Best of all, though? Devil May Cry 5 is coming a lot sooner than expected: March 8.


Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - March 15

At launch, Ubisoft's The Division got some things right and many things wrong. Over time, however, it's evolved from a flawed but promising title into a fine multiplayer shooter. Hopefully, Ubisoft was taking notes. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 launches on March 15, 2019, and from all indications, it'll be bigger, better, and more polished than its predecessor in practically every way.

With the action moving from New York City to Washington DC, you and your fellow Division agents will take the fight to the Capitol steps and the ruins of Air Force One, shooting and looting your way through a burgeoning civil war. This time, you won't run out of things to do, either. Not only will The Division 2 bring back the tense player-versus-player Dark Zone, but this time around it's also got raids and free expansions, too. More specifics are still scarce, but Ubisoft clearly learned some lessons during The Division's first outing. For the sequel, it looks like second time really is the charm.


List of more games that are coming this year

One Piece: World Seeker - March 16
The Sinking City - March 21
Sekiro - March 22
Yoshi's Crafted World - March 29
Tropico 6 - March 29
Days Gone - April 26
Rage 2 - May 14
Pokémon - Late 2019
Star Wars: Jedi -- Fallen Order - Holiday 2019
Cyberpunk 2077 - TBD
Gears 5 - TBD
Ori and the Will of the Wisps - TBD
Wasteland 3 - TBD
In the Valley of the Gods - TBD
Skull & Bones - TBD
Nioh 2 - TBD
Code Vein - TBD
Luigi's Mansion 3 - TBD

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August Gaming News

The summer gaming drought is coming to a close in August, which has a ton to offer for players on all platforms. Nintendo Switch owners get Dead Cells, Overcooked! 2 and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, while 3DS fans get a new WarioWare game. Sports fans have their choice of F1 2018, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Madden NFL 19.

Meanwhile, Shenmue I and II are re-released for PS4 and Xbox One, and PS4 players can dive into the next chapter of the Yakuza series remakes with Yakuza Kiwami 2. Plus, other noteworthy releases, like We Happy Few, are finally coming out of early access. Keep cool this August with the best games of the month.

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