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GenisesUnityGamaing.XYZ 404

Dear Genesis Unity Community,

It has been quite the journey that we have been through these past years that we were together. We have accomplished several goals that we proposed ourselves to commit to during our beginning and we have put the effort and the time to stay true to our vision.

A website was born, a forum was created to discuss and share ideas, information and other miscellaneous among the community. A logo was put in place and the machine was set in motion. Efforts were redoubled in order to attract others to the community and to maintain the services that we had in mind.
After its inception roughly 5 years ago we have realized what this project meant and where the future could lead us outside of this venture.
Therefore, the Genesis Unity Gaming core team would like to inform everyone that it is now time to sail to new horizons and set the course to new adventures.
At the end of March 2021, all webpages, forums, branding trademark will be 404’ed and all services rendered by the community will cease. Steam group will be disbanded and the Discord server will be rebranded.

For any inquiries please contact our core team, and any of the Admin members that will still be a part of the rebranded Discord server.
We like to thank you for your support throughout these years.

Special thanks to our backend team that has supported the machine all this time and to you the have joined us for the ride.
We would like to also thank all of those who kept the community alive, those who have redacted and updated the front pages of our community and who have streamed several hours and dedicated themselves to this project.

Alas, it is time to move on and with all of our best regards we would like to say…
This is not a goodbye, it’s a we’ll see you on the next.

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So here we are!

So, here we are! Finally established and running with a team of streamers and dedicated admins, but i feel that there is still too much work for too little people. Sure it's fine to slowly update the channels and the website once in a while but i believe that we can do more, and better. Where to find the motivation though? It's hard to completely dedicate our work to the community when you have your own personal and professional life before the rest.

Rebranding The Geeks to the Genesis

It has been quite a while for everybody here, but that does not mean that we were not active. Planning takes time and resources that many of us do not have due to personal and professional lives. But we're back and stronger than ever.

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Cooloutsider comes from the beautiful and somehow discreet country of Macedonia.

He is a young promising streamer and a talented musician with credits shown in the Macedonian Academy of Music!

That's the kind of guy you want to talk about music but not only that he is the guy you want on your side when you are in the middle of intense FPS battles.

Not only he is a shooter games fan but he is a multi genre gamer and always up for a new challenge!

Check out his stream and say hi to the famous Macedonian Rager! xDD


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