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You might be wondering, "wait, Discord is not a trend anymore!" but we cannot enphasize how it's hype has never faded away!

Launched to public in May 2015 it was introduced in reddit circles and it started to have more users through several twitch streamers. Raising an additional 20 Million$ (USD) it was a success all around after their boom in accounts being vreated. Competing with the well established and Microsoft owned Skype and the hugely famous TeamSpeak - which is used by all the pro teams and tournaments around the world - it has reached massive hype!

Free to download and create a server, Easy to configure with a solid and appealing interface Discord is here to stay! The availability of the service is just compelling that in the end of 2016 there were already 25 million registered users. They feature text channels as well as voice channels and just like TeamSpeak you can change the bitrate of the channels to your liking. The location of the server is also a major plus with more locations added constantly. The last update brought the ability to create categories making the UI a much cleaner experience. They also rolled out an experimental video call and screen share to 40% of their users. But don't discourage if your account was not chosen because this update should roll out soon, still in 2017!

Check out their updates and development in this link:

In case you are wondering, we also wanted to represented in this huge community, and if you would like to know more about our server stop by the forum and registering by clicking in this link here.


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