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News June 11, 2018

Skull & Bones is showing off a new PvPvE mode at E3 2018 called Hunting Grounds. Setting...

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: release date, …

News May 24, 2018

So there it is again a great FPS coming to us all Call of Duty Black...

Sea of Thieves

News March 31, 2018

The Sea of Thieves its a game that we in Genesis have been watching other players...


FORTNITE is a game that has a lot of buzz and making players from all around the world fall in love with it, a game with a cartoon style that you can destroy a lot of stuff on the pve and pvp.

PVE you fight against Zombie hordes and bosses, level up weapons , heroes, survivers and more.
PVP its simple, its just Battle Royal you against 99 more players, Epic games brings sometimes diferent game modes such as Blitz, teams 20 vs 20 or 50 vs 50 and Sniper mode

We added this game to our list because our streamers have been playing it almost every day on and off stream, their not the best but their funny to watch.

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