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Discord is the younger brother of communication gaming applications and so far the developers have done a great job with it. It has constant updates and new features all the time. The simplicity of the app - which can be downloaded or accessed on a simple browser - makes it quite attactive to gamers in general. It also features chat channels where you can "embed" videos or place a general post for others to seen when they come in the channel. It is very easy to setup as the app seems quite intuitive even to an new user of this sort of apps enve for administration features.

It can be downloaded for Android or MacOS and it also can be intergrated into your screen without having to Alt+Tab into other applications. If you want to check their website click here. We geeks have also our own Discord server which you can freely. For more details click here and while you're at it why nor register in our forum? Stop by, say hello and see if some one wants to join you on your gaming! We hope to see you there!

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