Known to millions of players as the biggest gaming platform that exists today, Steam is simply put everything that a gamer could want back in the day. It's a store, a market, a meeting place, a common ground, it is fully integrated in the internet of today and you can have an account with thousands of titles without owning a single disk, cd or dvd! Awesome right?

Valve surely hit gold with this idea, as if the multi million giant company behind the most influential FPS of all time -  Half Life - was short on cash they decided to be a reseller and a place for gamer to unite. With sales all year round and some special sales every year in the Summer, Halloween and other events is a place that everybody knows nowadays. If you dont i suggest that get familiar with it!

Genesis Unity Gaming wants to be represented in such a huge stage, where esport pro players mingle, where you can read tutorials, submit art or even get some awesome free to play games. Therefore we have created our own group that you can join here by clicking in the image above. And while you're at it why dont you register in our forum to become a full member of the community?

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